Chicken & Broccoli Noodles

Crisp broccoli and peppers complement tender hoisin-glazed chicken and region-authentic wheat noodles for a light but robust taste.


Kin khao leo mai is a traditional Thai greeting, but it doesn’t mean “hello” or “how are you.” It’s an endearing greeting that means "Have you eaten yet?" and an invitation to join in one of the most integral activities of Thai culture — the sharing of food!


"Enjoy this dish as-is for a Chinese-style chicken and broccoli, or jazz it up with suggested garnishes and you might just imagine yourself eating on the streets of Bangkok!"


Adding Dimension

Sprinkle with white vinegar to add a bit of acidity and to coax out the flavors, and for those who want more heat, add some fresh chillies. Chef Mai Pham recalls, “In Thailand, when you order this dish, you’re given a caddy of condiments, including chilies in vinegar. For me, I just love the sweet, sour, and spicy balance playing off of the hot, savory noodles. If available, add some Thai basil for that seductive aroma.”