Chicken Pad Thai

White meat chicken, authentic rice noodles and crisp vegetables in an aromatic tamarind sauce.


Created in the late 1930s, pad thai is a relatively new dish to Thailand. As part of a campaign to promote Thai nationalism, a public contest was held to find a new national noodle dish. The winning entry was the pad thai that we know and love today.


"I remember my childhood days in Thailand when my siblings and I often snuggled around a banana-leaf packet of hot, delicious pad thai and how we fought over the last noodle. Decades later, it has remained one of my all-time favorites."


Toppings Galore

For the ultimate experience, serve pad thai with some roasted, chopped peanuts for extra crunch and nuttiness, and some cool, crisp bean sprouts for a refreshing contrast. A little squeeze of lime also does wonders — it adds balance and enhances the whole dish by accentuating other flavors. Chef Mai Pham says, “What's great about pad thai is that you can customize it as you wish. If you're like me, add a few Thai chillies for an extra kick!”