Korean-Style Grilled Chicken

Tangy, spicy, and satisfying! Grilled chicken; crisp vegetables; and authentic Korean-style, gochujang-based barbecue sauce.


From royal kitchens to family kitchens, no Korean meal is complete without gochujang. Made from red chillies and glutenous rice and soybeans that have been allowed to ferment (traditionally for years), this quintessential seasoning is what gives much of Korean food its unique character. Take a love for gochujang, spiciness, and meat, and you have the makings for barbecue — Korean style!


"One of the most irresistible flavors from the Korean kitchen is the enticing, smoky, and spicy flavors of gochujang featured in this grilled chicken dish."



For a real treat, try this dish with Korea’s famously popular side dish, kimchi. Kimchi is a staple accompaniment in every Korean household and is easily found, jarred, in US specialty grocery stores. Kimchi is made from fermented cabbage and other vegetables, including radishes, garlic, and green onions, and gets a kick from red chili powder. Serve with or without a scoop of steamed rice.